Why a Recall?

We’ve had enough.

It has become clear that the Council is on a path to further disarray and will continue to be distracted from responsibly guiding our town’s future. Two Council members in particular are heavily influenced by, and seemingly coordinate with, a single constituency made up of individuals who disrespect Santa Cruz, our institutions, and any semblance of rational policy debate. 

Our City Council proceedings have been interrupted by Krohn and Glover supporters who collaboratively disrupt any attempt at civil discourse.  Their messages are divisive, intimidating and uncivil.  This is now such a regular occurrence that the Chambers are frequently emptied with PD assistance in order to reestablish peace.  To show support for their constituency’s behavior, Council members Krohn and Glover recently left the proceedings to join their supporters who were repeatedly giving Nazi salutes to Council and City staff.  Neither Krohn or Glover condemned this vile display. 

There are many additional specific reasons for the need to seek new Council members including: the mishandling of Camp Ross, their relentless push for Measure M-like ordinances, personal attacks aimed at our mayor, their disrespectful treatment of City staff and PD, and wasteful city spending.


Ross Camp Mismanagement

  • Consistently opposed Ross Camp closure

  • Consistently supported relocation into neighborhoods, near schools, parks and playgrounds

  • Testified against the City in the Ross lawsuit

  • Sworn Declaration that there was no "unmanageable health and safety risk" at Ross


Council Chaos

  • Disrupted Council meetings

  • Walked out of important Council meetings and joined protesters giving Nazi salutes

  • Other City Council members and City staff have filed complaints against these council members under the city’s “Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, and Respectful Workforce Conduct Policy”

  • Outside consultant documented chaos on council as the reason for not recommending the establishment of a Rental Task Force


No Respect for Santa CRuz Institutions

  • Harassed staff and other Council Members (also inappropriately tried to influence staff)

  • Make disparaging remarks about Santa Cruz Police

  • Disrespect and dismiss those with differing opinions not in agreement with their narrow agenda


Do not Represent Will Of The Voters

  • Voted for an "M" style Just Cause Eviction ordinance immediately after M's overwhelming defeat

  • Fiscally Irresponsible. Promoting excessive spending and increased fees and taxes.

Ross Camp

Ross Camp

Chris Kohn and Drew Glover continue to push for Measure M-like policies despite the overwhelming body of research showing how destructive they would be to rental stock.

They have a very narrow agenda with bias based on their personal ideology, which is not serving the majority of our community. While pursuing this agenda they have ignored issues that are important to the majority of city residents (crime, safety, city services, balanced, budget, etc.)

They walked out of 2 budget meetings in protest during department presentations.

They create chaos and hey bully in city council meetings and encourage their constituents to disrupt proceedings.

Drew Glover created documents to look like they came forward as City Staff recommendations, creating more confusion.

Drew Glover wrote a declaration and testified against the City Fire Chief and County Health Director recommending the Ross Camp remain.

By supporting Ross Camp, they allowed the obvious health hazards to continue.  Five people died of various reasons.

They undermined the City and County agreement by not closing Ross Camp.

Both Drew Glover and Chris Krohn supported proposed encampments in neighborhoods with no process or contact with neighborhoods; in fact, Glover used churches names stating they would have 50 campers on their property without even notifying the churches.

They are disrespectful and dismissive towards city staff, Councilmembers and the public who did not agree with their opinions.

They created an RV parking proposal for Delaware with no input from the public.

They continue to exploit the “homeless” topics instead of addressing those who are truly mentally unstable, addicted to heroin/meth/alcohol and those who hide as criminals amongst the homeless.

They had City staff running research that was directed by Council, creating complete dysfunction of regular City business.

At a candidates’ forum in September 2018, Glover defended the vandals who destroyed fixtures in both restrooms at Louden Nelson Community Center, stating that the vandals were justified by being “angry.”

Drew Glover ran his campaign from his office at the Resource Center for Nonviolence, a 501-c-3 organization, which 1. put RCBV’s status in jeopardy and likely violated rules of the FPPC.

Ceppos Consulting, from California State University Sacramento’s Consensus and Collaborative Program, for the Housing Rental Panel report stated (Question 9): Is there anything that threatens the ability to have an effective stakeholder process (state legislation, local politics, relationships, time, etc.)? This question received a very large number of responses with a high level of commonalities. An overwhelming majority from “each side” focused on the behavior and functionality of the Council. They described in detail, the recent and ongoing conditions between some councilmembers and described it using terms like “dysfunctional,” “theatrical,” “childish,” “disrespectful,” “embarrassing,” and similar. These participants stated that in the context of this condition, they are not optimistic that the Council would accept collaborative outcomes from a task force, nor are they confident that councilmembers, on all ideological sides, will not try to influence the work of a task force through public and/or private means.