A grassroots campaign to recall Council Members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover.


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Councilmembers Krohn and Glover should stay in office.
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Top 4 Reasons

Kept the Ross Camp open even after serious public safety and health impacts, including five deaths.     They ignored public safety officials who testified that the camp was a public health crisis. 5 Fatalities, 3 Significant fires and 2 people transported to burn units on separate occasions - from declaration of Fire Chief Jason Hajduk in Federal Court. The resulting debacle cost the City nearly $1 million - including resources that were diverted from parks and kids programs.

Harassed women on the City Staff.   An independent investigation found that Councilmembers Glover and Krohn violated the City’s Respectful Workplace Conduct Policy. Read the report under “Learn More” tab with City Manager letter and HR Director letter for their comments.

Councilman Glover proposes new homeless camps and unlimited overnight RV parking in some neighborhoods.   A written proposal would allow homeless camps 25 feet from homes, schools, and playgrounds.

Floated a crippling transfer tax on local homeowners.   Both council members suggested tens of thousands in new taxes on home sales which could hurt home values and harm local residents retirement plans.


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