A grassroots campaign to recall Council Members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover.



Thank you to those who have turned petitions in. Every city registered voter signature counts (Santa Cruz City Limits Map)!

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Santa Cruz United is the grassroots campaign organized to address the growing dysfunction in our City Council. Formed by local stakeholders with deep roots in well-known and numerous community groups, we seek to establish order in our governance by rebalancing the Council to that of a more strategic, whole-community considering, and fiscally-responsible body, and one that is less chaotic, divisive and reactionary.

Your Signatures and Information Are Confidential

We’ve had a number of residents express concern about the confidentiality of their signatures. The Elections Department is required by law to keep the petitions and names confidential. Santa Cruz United is also legally obligated to keep your petition information confidential. Any information you provide us to this site is also held securely.

Why a Recall?

We’ve had enough.

It has become clear that the Council is on a path to further disarray and will continue to be distracted from responsibly guiding our town’s future. Two Council members in particular are heavily influenced by, and seemingly coordinate with, a single constituency made up of individuals who disrespect Santa Cruz, our institutions, and any semblance of rational policy debate. 

Our City Council proceedings have been interrupted by Krohn and Glover supporters who collaboratively disrupt any attempt at civil discourse.  Their messages are divisive, intimidating and uncivil.  This is now such a regular occurrence that the Chambers are frequently emptied with PD assistance in order to reestablish peace.  To show support for their constituency’s behavior, Council members Krohn and Glover recently left the proceedings to join their supporters who were repeatedly giving Nazi salutes to Council and City staff.  Neither Krohn or Glover condemned this vile display. 

There are many additional specific reasons for the need to seek new Council members including: the mishandling of Camp Ross, their relentless push for Measure M-like ordinances, personal attacks aimed at our mayor, their disrespectful treatment of City staff and PD, and wasteful city spending.

Ross Camp

Ross Camp


How Do I Sign?

First, join our email list. We will be holding events and walking every single neighborhood in the city of Santa Cruz. We will contact you.

Please tell your family, friends and neighbors to join our email list. If you feel you have 25 family/friends that will sign, volunteer with us. It’s super easy. THANK YOU!

Upcoming Signing Events